Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Todays the day!!!

So ladies get out your ice buckets!!!
Today is the day for some good ol' SAFE lovin !!
It's gonna be a door slammin , button poppin good time !!!
That is until the nasty , greasy , evil EJ Dimera comes by !!
He has impeccable timing don't you think ?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Galen , Jeans , and Rafes fabulous butt

So there is a new promo for SAFE on www.nbc.com/daysofourlives !!
Gotta admit that man has the finest butt on Daytime !!
Galen you get a 5 jello box rating!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

JELLO , Palu and SAFE SEX !!

So if you are a fan of Sami and Rafe from Days of our lives , you know there are 3 main things we talk about at chat !!
JELLO - Everybody's favorite jiggly dessert - This as far as we are concerned is the official dessert of SAFE - ( we really want them in a tub of Jello together )
As long as it gets Galens shirt off we are all for it !!

PALU - Ok if you've never seen this creepy days of our lives sing along guy on youtube you are missing out lol This guy sings along with episodes of Days , it's really creepy , he's kinda like Chewbacca on crack with a guitar lol but for now he is our ONLY source for day ahead eppie's .

SAFE SEX - This is our "Grail" this is what each and every one of us are waiting for !!
So throw us a bone Corday , we are getting antsy here !!

Hope you enjoyed the ride !! SAFE dreams Blondecrane